Warehouse building Outdoor environment Storage area

Single color steel

Eaves height: 12 m

Warehouse clear height: 11 m

Warehouse floor load: 3 t / m

Road load: 30 tons / car

Loading platform height: 1.35 m

Loading platform width: 4.5 m

Canopy Width: 6 m

Truck loading area

Several parking spaces

Adequate lighting loading and unloading zone

Good park road plan

Separate entrances and passenger traffic diversion

Beautiful landscapes

Electric shutter doors

Lift the unloading platform

Solid Floor

Good ventilation and lighting facilities

Office area Safety Facilities

Plasterboard ceiling

Soundproofing treatment

Telephony and broadband network systems

Good ventilation and lighting

Sanitary ware

Smoke sensing system

Automatic sprinkler system

Fire hydrant systems

Fire doors

CCTV monitoring system