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  • 行业领先的
  • 国际物流园区开发商和运营商

Equal stress on political integrity and ability

Introduce superior managerial talents of the industry and cultivate the potential employees on our own.

Create career development platforms for talents and meanwhile share the prosperity of the company with them.

Establish scientific personnel training systems and good development environment, and propose personalized career advice as well

Excavate employees’ potential and facilitate their growth to achieve the win-win situation.

Treasure employees’ creativity and maximally excavate their potential through scientific guidance and effective incentive.

With the reasonable and objective criteria for evaluating working performance of employees, we unhesitatingly eliminate the poor performers and promote the outstanding ones.


and benefits

  • 行业领先的
  • 国际物流园区开发商和运营商

We attract, motivate, train and retain the best talents of all levels.

Diversified developmental spaces

Perfect talents training model

Fair employment system

Smooth promotion channels for both technical and managerial professionals

Simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships

Bright and passionate working environment

Competitive salaries and benefits of the industry



  • 行业领先的
  • 国际物流园区开发商和运营商